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The Miracle Antenna MMD dipoles provide all the capability of a full-sized dipole with half the hassle! These models are specifically designed for the shortwave listener. They eliminate common-mode currents and noise without the use of extra baluns. They can be installed a dipole, sloper, vertical or inverted configurations. They can be used in a fixed or portable fashion. All models are ready-to-go with a 16 foot feed line and mil-spec BNC connector attached. Please also see the line of Miracle amateur radio MMD antennas.

Model Comment Length Order # Your Price Order
MMDs18 Perfect for the attic. 18 Feet Discontinued
MMDs31 Mid sized. 31 Feet Discontinued
MMDs65 The SWL king if you have the room.  65 Feet Discontinued

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
   BNCF-PL259 BNC female to PL259 RF Adapter VIEW Discontinued

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