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The RF Systems DX-10 Professional is an omni directional active vertical receiving antenna covering 35 kHz to 35 MHz (20 kHz to 50 MHz with reduced specs). This unobtrusive, modest sized antenna can be used indoors or outdoors so you can mount it nearly anywhere. It employees a helical element that ensures excellent sensitivity to long distance radio signals coming in at low angles. The mixed polarization (90% vertical, 10% horizontal) reduces polarization fading.

The DX-10 Professional employs a class A, ultra linear wideband amplifier with a power dissipation of 1.6 watts. It can simultaneously handle weak and very strong signals without generating spurious products. This antenna has a very high 2nd order intercept point of no less than +70 dBm and a 3rd order intercept point of +40 dBm or better.

The DX-10 has a leak path to ground to bleed off static build up. Lightning induced impulse voltages can be passed to ground (5000 amp for 8 µ seconds). These protections only function when there is a proper earth ground. (The DX10 is not protected against a direct lightning strike and cannot serve as a lightning protector). Active antennas do not need to be mounted as high as possible as long as the antenna is outside the interference field around the house.

The DX-10 is 52 inches (130 cm) high. The antenna jack is an SO-239. A mast clamp adapter is included to fasten this antenna to a pole or mast (mast and coax are not included). Operates from 12 VDC with DC-30 power supply, or from 120 VAC operation with optional AC-30. Both optional. (One is required!)

Order # Item Description Price Order
#1209 DC-30 Antenna power supply   12 VDC. INFO $39.98 Order
#6085 AC-30 Antenna power supply 120 VAC. INFO $39.98 Order
  AC-30 220V Antenna power supply 220 VAC (as supplied). VIEW Discontinued

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