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Discontinued Shortwave Antennas 

Dressler logo Dressler ARA40

Dressler shortwave active antennas are designed for stationary and mobile receiving applications. You can capture the weakest signals with these German designed and German manufactured antennas.

The ARA40 (shown above) is a great alternative for those who do not have the space for a traditional outside wire antenna. It is compact and unobtrusive. The output impedance of the antenna is always 50-75 ohms, independent of frequency. This allows efficient connection directly to the receiver without an additional antenna tuner. The ARA40 will not overdrive most portables.

The system starts with a 36 inch (95 cm) fiberglass whip antenna "A".
It feeds the amplifier module "B".
The amp module is connected to 40 feet (12 m) of RG58 coax "C".
This is connected to the supplied small interface power supply module via a BNC plug. "D". This module accepts 12 VDC to feed the amplifier.
An 120 VAC power supply is thoughtfully provided. "E".
Dressler also includes a coaxial jumper from the interface module to your receiver (BNC to PL-259)."F".

The ARA 40 clamps on to a standard 1.25-1.5 inch mast (not supplied).

The ARA60S is designed in a similar fashion and looks like the ARA40. However its coverage is 40 kHz to 60 MHz. Additionally it has a higher gain for use with table top communications receivers, and now features a lower loss coax cable.

The ARA100HDX covers 40 kHz to 100 MHz and is designed for the interception of weak signals even in the presence of strong broadcast station signals.

Order # Model Coverage Gain 3rd Order Coax Cable Connector Dimensions Price Order
  ARA40 40 kHz -   40 MHz     8 dB +45 dBm 40 ft RG-58U PL-259 1.5 x 1.7 x 36 inches   Discontinued
  ARA60S 40 kHz -   60 MHz 12-15.5 dB +50 dBm 40 ft RG-58U PL-259 2 x 6.4 x 35 inches   Discontinued
  ARA100HDX 40 kHz - 100 MHz 7.5-9.5 dB +55 dBm 40 ft RG-58U PL-259 2 x 6.4 x 35 inches   Discontinued

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