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LF Engineering
H-900 Gain Probe

Active Antenna

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  LF Engineering H-900

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The LF Engineering H-900 Gain Probe active receive antenna covers 10 kHz to 60 MHz. The active E-probe antenna consists of impedance matching electronics and amplifier with a maximum linear output of 16 dBm. The H-900 has high E field sensitivity for its compact size with the advantage of good BC and spurious intermodulation rejection. The antenna is compact, totally sealed and ESD suppression treated.

The antenna is omni directional allowing for various installation configurations and for use as a portable antenna. The probe is waterproof and UV resistant. A viable solution for shortwave listeners with antenna or space restrictions.

Please note that the output jack from the control box is an RCA phono jack. So if you are dealing with a PL-259 plug you will need adapter #2118 (see below). Requires 12 VDC at 70 mA. This antenna is not for transmit.

Your H-900 system consists of:
Antenna probe element.
50 feet of RG-174U coax cable (attached to probe).
AC adapter providing 12 VDC to 2.5mm plug.
Adjustable mounting clamp.
Instructions [PDF]

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