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Antenna Switches

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Antenna Switches 

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Daiwa Switches

Daiwa switches utilize professionally engineered all metal cavity construction for maximum efficiency, high isolation and minimum resistance. Isolation is better than 50 dB at 300 MHz. Insertion loss less than 0.2 dB.

The Daiwa CS-201 (shown left) is a two position switch. Both the CS-201 and 401 utilize SO-239 connectors. Unused positions are grounded. 2.5 KW PEP. 0-600 MHz. 50 ohm. The back of the CS-201 has a flip out bracket to facilitate mounting.

The Daiwa CS-201 GII has a metallic finish and is the same as the CS-201 shown, but utilizes 'N' connectors 0-1300 MHz.

The Daiwa CS-401 permits the selection of up to four antennas (shown above right). 0-800 MHz.

The Daiwa CS-401 G is the same as the CS-401 shown right, but utilizes 'N' connectors for operation from 0-1300 MHz.

Order # Item Positions Connector Coverage List Price Your Price Order
#1864 CS-201 Two Position SO-239 0 -   600 MHz $  32.95 $  29.95
#2224 CS-201GII Two Position N 0 - 1300 MHz $  48.95 $  44.95
#1865 CS-401 Four Position SO-239 0 -   800 MHz Discontinued
#0189 CS-401G Four Position N 0 - 1300 MHz Discontinued

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