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Alpha Delta Delta Switch

Alpha Delta manufactures precision antenna switches employing the latest high-tech design. Cast aluminum constant impedance cavities permit the switching of two or four antennas while maintaining a constant 50 ohm impedance. These switches are rated at 1500 watts PEP. Silver-plated phosphor bronze micro strip construction ensures loss of less than 0.1 dB at 30 MHz with greater than 60 dB of isolation (0.5 dB loss and 50 dB isolation at 450 MHz). Click here to view interior.

The Delta switches offer three levels of surge protection! In the common position the common is disconnected from all antennas and all antennas are connected to ground. These switches feature a built-in surge protector. A replaceable D-4 Arc-Plug cartridge will divert harmful surges to ground. (Note: The Delta switches reduce the hazard of lightning induced surges. They will not prevent fire or damage caused by a direct strike). Made in the U.S.A.

The Delta 2B and Delta 4B switches feature SO-239 fittings (for PL-259s).
The Delta-4B/N switch features 'N' jacks instead of SO-239s.

These new "B" models are the same as the original version, but with these enhancements:
New precision machined shaft, higher strength, lower resistance silver bearing solder and new brass ARC-Plug housing.

Order # Item Description Rated Freq. Jack List Price Your Price Order
   Delta-2B Two Position Switch   500 MHz SO-239 Not in stock
   Delta-4B Four Position Switch   500 MHz SO-239 Not in stock
  Delta-4B/N Four Position Switch 1300 MHz N Not in stock
  D-4 Arc-Plug Replacement Pill     Not in stock

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