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The Alpha Delta PathMinder is a six position, digitally controlled, coax switch. It provides features never before found in an RF coax switch. As a normal switch, it can switch up to 6 coax outputs with the press of soft - touch front panel buttons. Internal relays handle up to 1500 watts with very little insertion loss, 1.8 thru 54 MHz. It utilizes SO-239 (UHF) type connectors on the rear panel.

The internal microprocessor monitors the system to ensure maximum protection for the user. The PathMinder will not “hot switch” at levels above 50 watts. That prevents burn-out of contacts or equipment damage while transmitting (a serious problem with mechanical switches). An "alarm" yellow LED flashes to alert the operator that they tried to “hot switch” but the PathMinder protected them. Red LEDs indicate the normal antenna selection. The microprocessor also monitors a radio sensing input and will automatically ground ports, with several grounding options, when the radio is turned off. A simple wire interface to any radio output that provides a DC voltage when "on" is all that is required. This provides an unparalleled level of surge protection when used in combination with a radio's “auto- off” timer or "on-off" switch. No more forgetting to ground the antennas when not operating. To provide maximum protection, the user must connect a good earth ground to the PathMinder's ground connection on the back panel. All ports can also be manually grounded at any time.

The radio sensing input can also be connected to a shack's main power supply to provide protection for stations with multiple radios. The PathMinder requires a separate 12 VDC @250 mA supply voltage for its power. 7.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches 2 lbs.

Click here to view Owner's Manual [PDF 48K].

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