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Antenna Switch

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Antenna Switch

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Antenna Switches 

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The MFJ-2702C Rhino™ is a durable 2 position antenna switch with gold plated flanges and connector contacts that provide low VSWR and low insertion loss. The solid, sturdy, die-cast design gives up to an excellent 70 dB isolation. It is rated to 1000 MHz. Insertion loss is only .05 dB from 0-500 MHz and 0.10 dB 500-900 MHz. The MFJ-2702C can handle big power:  2000 watts (0-30 MHz), 1000 watts (30-200 MHz), 500 watts (200-500 MHz), 250 watts (500-900 MHz). Handy pre made mounting holes are featured.

The MFJ-2702N is the same as above but with "N" connectors and is rated to 3000 MHz.

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