Hofi HO 600
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Hofi HO 600

The Hofi HO 600 remote coaxial antenna switch is designed to indoor use. It switches up to five coax fed (SO-239) antennas via one main feed-line. This minimizes the amount of coax cable required in multi-antenna installations.

It may be operated by the PS 2621 Control Unit, a 5-way push button or rotary switch (none supplied). The control wiring (inserted through the top) is very simple. An 8 conductor control cable connected to a 12 VDC power source is required (not supplied). As soon as a position is selected, the motor turns the switch to the correct location, brakes automatically and remains there until the operator chooses a new setting. Because power is needed only only during the the switching time, unintentional switching or re-positioning through power failure etc. is impossible. The Double-Contact switching system has several advantages over coax relays; they are self cleaning, guarantee minimal electrical resistance and provide superior life expectancy. The Series 600 switches are rated to 150 MHz handling up to 3000W on HF and 1000W at 145 MHz. Made in Germany.

Hofi HO 600 specs

The Series HO 2000 switches are similar, but feature N jacks rather than SO-239s. They are rated to 440 MHz (3000W HF, 1200W 145 MHz and 700W 440 MHz).

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