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The MFJ-1278B ten mode computer interface has RTTY, PACTOR, Packet 300/1200, Amtor, SSTV, Navtex, CW and FAX capability.

Exclusive MFJ hardware features include:  20 LED precision tuning indicator, built-in parallel printer port , individual radio port output level controls, TAPR internal modem header for high speed modem -- 2400 or 9600 baud, monitor amplifier, volume control, speaker jack for monitoring receive/transmit data, ten user programmable message memories, CW iambic paddle input, IC sockets used throughout and free 110 VAC power supply. The Color SSTV section, transmits and receives: Robot Color: 36, 72 seconds, Robot B/W: 8, 12, 24, 36 seconds, Scotty Color: 1 and 2, Martin Color: 1 and 2.

You must supply the computer, a terminal program and appropriate wiring. Considerable technical knowledge and/or patience is required to connect and operate this device. MFJ offers optional optimized terminal programs for IBM users called the MFJ-1284M and MFJ-1289M. They come on a 3" diskette.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  MFJ-1284M DOS Optimized PC Terminal Program Discontinued
  MFJ-1289M DOS Multicom PC Terminal Program Discontinued

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