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The Timewave PK-12 is the successor to the popular PK-88. Optimized internal software and advanced features make the PK-12 the best value in packet radio. The PK-12 is a 1200 bps, VHF/UHF packet controller that is ideal for those looking to get started in digital communications. Yet, because of its cutting-edge features, the PK-12 has the power for operators looking for increased data throughput and to take packet radio a step further.

There is 15K (32K RAM) of mailbox space standard in the PK-12 and, if that's not enough, you can increase the size to 100K (128K RAM). MailDrop controls 3rd party traffic, accepts inbound mail forwarding, and supports reverse forwarding to your local autoforwarding BBS. The internal lithium battery will hold all messages. There are even special commands which let you choose who may leave messages on your PK-12.

Timewave's version of Host mode is preferred by programmers for its powerful application interface. Because of Timewave/AEA's Host mode popularity, the PK-12 is compatible with many software programs on the market, including Timewave's own PC PakRatt for Windows.

The Gateway firmware in the PK-12 allows you and others to "node-hop" to reach other stations, which increases throughput and reduces retries compared to digipeating, (although you can still digipeat if you want). As with MailDrop, you have control of who can connect to the PK-12, for the ultimate in control. Three users can use your PK-12 as a Gateway, you can communicate with another station, someone can be leaving you a message in your mailbox, and others can digipeat through your TNC-all at once. An added feature of the Gateway firmware is identification of TheNet, TCP/IP, and NETROM stations, so you will always know who else is on the air. Gateway has two heard lists: one for all stations heard and one for all nodes heard, including the type of node.

The PK-12's software DCD allows for open squelch operation so you can hear weak signals. Control Software Included Timewave's PC PakRatt Lite™, the packet-only, DOS-based control program is included with every PK-12 and PK-96 sold. This program makes controlling the Timewave's packet TNCs easy. PC PakRatt Lite offers macro key facility, message/command buffers for pre-programming messages, and friendly, on-screen help.

The PK-12 has special commands for GPS use, making Stand Alone Tracking possible. Stand Alone Tracking lets you put a GPS receiver, a PK-12 and a radio (no computer required!) in your vehicle and let others track you while mobile. The GPS commands are remotely programmable, so if you install the PK-12 in your car, you won't have to take it out to change parameters. The GPS firmware is compatible with GPS, Loran, and ARNAV; something no other TNC (beside AEA TNCs) can do. The PK-12 is also ULTIMETER-II™ compatible for weather nets and remote weather reporting-have local weather information when you need it!

With every PK-12 and PK-96 is a copy of the mapping and tracking software APRS™ (Automatic Packet Reporting System). This software was developed by Bob Bruninga, W4APR, and allows packet operators to map and track other APRS users on a computerized map like the one shown above. APRS users can create maps, save traveled courses and play them back later, send short messages, plus much more!

The power requirement is +12 to +16 VDC at less than 80 mA. Input/Output Connections are: Radio interference 5-pin DIN connector. Terminal Interface: RS-232C DB-25 connector. Terminal data rates: Autobaud setting at 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 bps; manual 19,200 bps. Dimensions: 5.78 W x 5.275D x 1.35H inches (147 x 134 x34 mm) 11.9 oz. (340 g).

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