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The MFJ-1270C super TAPR TNC clone has a world wide reputation as the most reliable TNC in the world! Thousands are dedicated as digipeaters, nodes, BBS and used in all kinds of commercial applications working 24 hours a day -- many work for years without a single failure. You get full TAPR TNC-2 compatibility -- all software and hardware designed for the TAPR TNC-2 standard works without modification. You get X1J, NETROM, theNET and Rose Switch compatibility that turns your MFJ-1270C into a Layer Three and Four networking node. You get a true DCD circuit that dramatically reduces sensitivity to noise and dramatically increases complete QSOs.

The enhanced Easy Mail™ personal mailbox lets you use a dedicated call-sign for your mailbox. Your mailbox can stay on while you operate packet. It will also auto forward or reverse forward mail to and from other BBSs. A check mail LED blinks when you have mail.

You get a WeFAX mode that lets you print full-fledged weather maps from your HF radio to screen or printer or save to disk using an MFJ Starter Pack. You get a KISS interface that lets you run TCP/IP and MYSYS and MFJ's Host Mode that makes it easy to write efficient application programs. You get MFJ's Anti-Collision™ technology that prevents packet collisions and improves performance on busy channels.

Fast-Start™ Manual plus much more. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC. 9½ x 1½ x 7½ inches.

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