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KPC-3+ Specifications
Dimensions (HWD) 0.8" x 5.2" x 5.2" (21mm x 133mm x 133mm) without projections
Weight 11oz (.32kg)
Power Requirements 6 ~ 25VDC, less than 30mA (LEDs on, unit active)
6 ~ 25VDC, less than 15mA (LEDs off, unit inactive)


2.1mm coaxial, center pin positive
Circuit board accommodates user-installed 9V battery connector
External Connection Ports DB-9 female (radio port)
DB-25 female USB (computer/data terminal)
Watchdog Timer approx. 2.5 minutes
External Carrier Detect Pulldown to ground
A/D Converter Two inputs; 0 ~ 5VDC 8-bit accuracy
Data Rate (radio port) 1200bps (default); 300, 400, 600
PTT Output Open drain, +50VDC max, 200mA max
Audio Output: Continuously adjustable 1mV p-p ~ 4V p-p
Output Impedance
600 Ohm AC coupled
1200bps FSK full duplex CCITT V.23 1300Hz/2100Hz
Audio Input:  
5mV p-p
Dynamic Range
Input Impedance
Unbalanced, 10k Ohm
600 Ohm with jumper J 3 installed
Max input voltage
±12VDC; 35V p-p sinusoidal
Operating Modes Packet, WEFAX, KISS, XKISS, HOST, GPS, MODEM (RX only)
LED Indicators Power, Xmit, Rcv, Connected, Status, Mail (user option on/off)
Remote Control Access All controller functions, user-defined password
External Reset Pulldown to ground
Operating Protocols AX.25 Levels 1 and 2 (user-selectable)
Compliance FCC Class B; Europe - CE Conformity

DB-9 Pin-Outs
Pin # Pin Name Function
1 TXA Transmit audio (AFSK out)
2 XCD External carrier detect
3 PTT Push-to-talk
4 CTRLB/AN0 Control line B (or AN0 input)
5 RXA Receive audio (AKSK in)
6 GND Ground
7 EXT-IN External input for Power/Reset
8 CTRLA /AN1 Control line A (or AN1 input)
9 GND Ground

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