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Discontinued Amateur Radio Data Transceiver 

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The MFJ-8621 is a packet only 2 meter data transceiver. Why tie-up your 2 meter rig on a single packet channel? You can enjoy dedicated high performance packet from 1200 to 9600 baud, 24 hours a day at a very low cost. The MFJ-8621 draws only 25 mA on receive and less than 1 amp on transmit. The Motorola based receiver recovers data from weak signals for better throughput and fewer collisions. The filtration is made for data including wide 9600 baud and 1200 baud signals. The 5 watt transmitter is also optimized for data transmissions. The supplied crystal is 145.01 MHz. (Other plug-in crystals are available from Jan Crystal and other sources).

The MFJ-8621 is compatible with virtually all up-to-date TNC-2 modems (modem not supplied). Requires 12 VDC 1 amp.

Special Note: The MFJ-8621 is a dedicated data transceiver. The user must supply the TNC modem. The MFJ-1270C makes a great match.

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