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West Mountain
RIGblaster Pro USB

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West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Pro

The West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Pro is the ultimate interface for phone and digital operating.

The Pro model incorporates the time proven operation of the M8 and Plus model RIGblasters with the addition of many new features, while providing simplified operation and greater flexibility. The full functionality, radio and computer compatibility, of the other RIGblasters remains. This includes PTT override and PTT interrupt, with completely automatic transmit switching between your mic. and your computer. Plus there are many new features:

Easier to set up and operate than ever before. Full front panel LED status displays of PTT, CW, FSK, audio source, and transmit audio level. An audio level indicator shows the presence of adequate computer transmit audio, the other LED’s show the status of the software’s serial control activity and indicate the automatic switching between computer and microphone audio sources.

Built in computer rig control interface for Yaesu CAT or Icom CI-V or Ten Tec TTL. This built in interface will facilitate computer control of your rig and operate sound card and CW modes using only ONE serial port with programs such as Hamscope or MixW. For running two separate software programs, one for sound card PTT switching, CW and RTTY and another program for rig control you may opt to use two serial ports instead of one.

Transmit speech processing. Running sound card based DSP software will turn the pro in to a high performance transmit mic. equalizer, speech processor and/or noise gate. Performance and flexibility will be far better than with expensive stand-alone hardware processors. You will be able to optimize your transmit audio exactly the way it should be for DX, rag chewing or even Hi-Fi SSB. Downloadable real time audio processing programs are available and we are currently developing a custom high performance amateur radio software that will only be available to RIGblaster pro registered owners.

Receive audio muting. When running the pro in the transmit speech processing mode the computer speakers will be muted whenever PTT is activated via the mic. or the foot switch jacks.

With the new program that we are developing the pro will automatically switch between DSP transmit speech processing and receive DSP filtering using circuitry in the pro that “tells” software that the mic. is in use. This will also allow for optimization of the switching times between transmit and receive.

Isolated mic. audio output continuously supplies mic. audio to the computer’s mic. input for contest DVK (digital voice keyer) message recording on the fly. This feature will also be used to process mic. audio and to provide for digital recording of both sides of a QSO at any time.

Not one, but two, independent, keying outputs, one for true FSK, and another for keyboard CW keying.

Electret microphone bias circuit allows you to use an electret condenser mic. with radios that have no provision for using this modern type of mic.

Second mic. operation. Quick plug in automatic switch over between the main station mic. and a headset mic. Special radio mic. adaptors will no longer be needed for the headset connections. You may leave your main station mic. connected when using a headset microphone.

Dual headphone outputs with 1/8” and 1/4” jacks. Both may be used to monitor receive and/or transmit audio and to monitor with currently available ham radio DSP receive software. Just like our other RIGblasters your computer speakers will be available for normal use and may be turned down or off while using headphones. Computer speakers are automatically muted when in the transmit processing mode, the headphones are left on.

Dual RCA type, PTT input and output jacks that may be used with a foot switch or for external control. These may also be separated to provide a transmit sequencer loop for high power amplifier switching.

Radio speaker loop through. This allows you to re-connect an external radio speaker when using a radio’s speaker output instead of a fixed level audio output.

Radio line level receive mic. jack connection. This provides a line level receive connection for radio’s that have receive audio on their mic. jack, simplifying the connections.

Power ON/OFF switch. Even though our standard RIGblasters draw almost no power and have fully automatic bypass operation, we have added a power switch that disables and bypasses the pros operation.

The RIGblaster Pro includes the items you need to get going: AC power supply, CD, mic cable, USB PC cable, (6) patch cords, adapter, stickers and accessories. Click here to view included items.

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Order # Item Description Price Order
#1930 4T8/K1T 4 Pin to 8 pin adapter cable (6 inch). INFO. $18.98 Order
#3158 FT100/CBL RJ45 to RJ22 (6 conductor) custom cable cable (36 inch). $14.98 Order
#4797 PP/CW/CBL CW Keying cable. 6 foot 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch mini plug. [58120-984] $  4.98 Order

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