RIGblaster Nomic
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RIGblaster Nomic

The West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Nomic is small and inexpensive, perfect for portable or temporary setups. It uses PTT keying circuit as a fully isolated CW/FSK keying output for direct keying of your rig's CW or FSK instead of using it for a sound card interface. And no external power supply is needed, making it great for portable or QRP installations. The supplied CD updates most Windows ham radio sound card program. It includes freeware for almost every mode including but not limited to: PSK31, Packet, FSK441, MFSK16, Hellschriber, AMTOR, PACTOR I, MT63, CW, RTTY and SSTV. The original Nomic Serial required a RS-232 Serial Port. The current Nomic USB [RB/NO/CUSB] works with a serial or USB port and comes with a USB cable. An 8 pin cable and a modular cable is also included. Click here for specifications.

NOTE: This current model is still available direct from West Mountain Radio. We still offer some accessories (see below).

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Order # Item Description Price Order
#1930 4T8/K1T 4 Pin to 8 pin adapter cable (6 inch). $18.98 Order
#3074 RJ/CBL RJ45 to RJ45 custom cable cable (36 inch). $  4.98 Order
#3158 FT100/CBL RJ45 to RJ22 (6 conductor) custom cable cable (36 inch). $14.98 Order

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