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West Mountain
RIGblaster Plus USB

USB Version


Replaced by the RIGblaster PlusII

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West Mountain Radio RIGblaster

The West Mountain Radio RIGblasters series provides the easiest way to properly connect your radio to your computer's sound card so that you may operate using any present or future ham radio sound card software. RIGblasters are compatible with almost every radio and every sound card equipped computer. It is easy to adjust the audio to any radio's mic. input. Opto-isolators are used to the fully isolate computer ground circuit (other interfaces require extra ground screws, extra wires and extra cables to eliminate ground loops). All required cables are included for easy hook up using fully isolated audio and computer keying circuits. Effective RFI suppression eliminates RF in the audio. Positive and fully automatic PTT control or VOX operation is available. This is a quality product, supplied in sturdy 1/16 inch aluminum cases, powder coat painted and silk screened (no plastic pill boxes, sharp edges or plastic coated metal). Double sided 1/16 inch fiberglass plated through, solder masked and silk screened printed circuit boards are used. Commercial quality mini toggle switches are featured (no cheap slide or push switches). Stainless steel black anodized hardware is included. Click here to view rear panel.

The current RIGblaster "Plus" model additionally features true keyed Morse and true FSK RTTY. Click here for Plus specifications.

The RIGblaster Plus comes with a 120 VAC power supply, cables, instruction manual and software CD. The supplied cables support standard 8 pin or RJ45 mic connectors. (An optional 4T8/K1T is available for older 4 pin mic radios). The supplied CD updates most Windows ham radio sound card program. It includes freeware for almost every mode including but not limited to:  PSK31, Packet, FSK441, MFSK16, Hellschriber, AMTOR, PACTOR I, MT63, CW, RTTY and SSTV. One full year parts and labor guarantee by West Mountain Radio.

The RIGblaster Plus USB version supports either a serial or a USB port and comes with a USB cable. This "Plus USB" version replaces the earlier M8 & Plus versions.

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Order # Item Description Price Order
   4T8/K1T 4 Pin to 8 pin adapter cable (6 inch). INFO. Discontinued
#3158 FT100/CBL RJ45 to RJ22 (6 conductor) custom cable cable (36 inch). $14.98 Order

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