Timewave PK96USB/100
TNC Unit (USB)

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Timewave PK96

The Timewave PK-96USB/100 is a quality plug-in and go 9600/1200 bps TNC loaded with exciting features. Timewave/AEA engineered the PK-96 to allow people to easily step up to 9600 bps. This was accomplished by employing proven TNC hardware, utilizing Timewave/AEA's powerful command set, and including convenient features not found in other TNCs.

The 9600/1200 bps PK-96 comes with 1200 bps AFSK tone signaling, as well as 9600 bps K9NG and G3RUH compatible direct frequency modulation, making it a truly high performance data controller. There is even a modem disconnect header for installing other modems. The PK-96 not only makes an excellent terrestrial data controller, it can also be used for high-speed data links between packet systems. In addition to the modems, they include separate TX pots for 1200 bps and 9600 bps on the back panel, plus an external reset to return the TNC to factory defaults.

The PK-96 has a "true" DCD state machine for open squelch operation which allows communication even when your contact's signal is weak. The PK-96 utilizes an HDLC hardware controller for accurate protocol conversion at 9600 bps. The HDLC chip acts as a co-processor, helping the PK-96 send and receive more data in a shorter amount of time.

Full Featured MailDropIn addition to the speed, the PK-96 comes standard with18K of battery-backed MailDrop memory which is easily expandable to 100K. The MailDrop controls 3rd party traffic, mail forwarding, and reverse forwarding to your local BBS. There are also commands allowing you to choose who may or may not connect to the PK-96.

The Gateway firmware acts as a full service node. Three users can use your PK-96 as a Gateway, you can communicate with another station, someone can be leaving you a message in your mailbox, and others can digipeat through your TNC - all at once. Gateway also lets you identify TCP/IP, TheNet and NETROM stations. As with MailDrop, you have control of which call signs can use your Gateway. Gateway has two heard lists: one for stations heard and one for nodes heard.

A demo 30 day trial copy of PK-term'99 is now included with every PK-96. This Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/7 menu-driven software from CSS makes operating the PK-96 easy, plus it has added features such as on-screen help, macro key facility, and much more! Also included is a copy of the shareware program GPS mapping program WinAPRS™. WinAPRS allows you to see on computerized maps where other APRS users are-even track them when mobile!

The PK-96 includes GPS compatible firmware. The PK-96 is fully compatible with Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS™) software. A shareware version is even included with your purchase of a PK-96. Power requirements +12 to +16 VDC @400 mA.

This new Timewave PK-96USB/100 features a USB interface.

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