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West Mountain Radio RIGblaster duo

The West Mountain Radio RIGblaster duo station integration console makes your station neater, better and more efficient to operate. Operate two radios with one mic, one set of headphones, one pair of speakers and one soundcard interface in your PC. It comes with a built-in dual USB to serial converter to use two ham radio software applications at the same time. It can be used with almost any make or model of microphone.

The duo works with a single pair of amplified or unamplified speakers (neither supplied). Versatile receive audio selection is modeled after an aircraft audio panel to monitor any combination of radio A, B and computer on headphones and/or speakers. Each radio can be internally configured for your choice of stereo dual receive, dual mono or left or right. Dual isolated CW keying and dual FSK outputs key both radio via computer software that can operate with either virtual COM port. Dual CI-V or single TTL level CAT control to control radios via either virtual COM port. And the duo has the same capabilities as other RIGblasters, but with two radios. Supplied with two 8 pin round mic cables, one RJ45 mic cable, DC cord, jumper pack, USB cable, four mini audio cables and adapters. Requires 13.8 VDC at 1.8 amps. Click here to view model comparison chart.

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