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West Mountain Radio RIGblaster

The West Mountain Radio RIGblasters series provides the easiest way to properly connect your radio to your computer's sound card so that you may operate using any present or future ham radio sound card software. RIGblasters are compatible with almost every radio and every sound card equipped computer. It is easy to adjust the audio to any radio's mic input. Opto-isolators are used to the fully isolate computer ground circuit (other interfaces require extra ground screws, extra wires and extra cables to eliminate ground loops). All required cables are included for easy hook up using fully isolated audio and computer keying circuits. Effective RFI suppression eliminates RF in the audio. Positive and fully automatic PTT control or VOX operation is available. This is a quality product, supplied in sturdy 1/16 inch aluminum cases, powder coat painted and silk screened (no plastic pill boxes, sharp edges or plastic coated metal). Double sided 1/16 inch fiberglass plated through, solder masked and silk screened printed circuit boards are used. Commercial quality mini toggle switches are featured (no cheap slide or push switches). Stainless steel black anodized hardware is included. Click here to view rear panel. Click here to view model comparison chart.

The RIGblaster Plus II combines the easy to use RIGblaster Plug & Play and the functionality of the earlier RIGblaster Plus. This new addition to the RIGblaster product line incorporates several user requested enhancements:
* Instant Setup Connectors (ISCs) for microphone configuration with over 2000 radios
* Plug and Play USB port for connection to PC and power
* Front panel mounted transmit power level knob
* CAT/CI-V rig control interface

# Works with over 2000 different radios as supplied.
# Plug in Instant Setup Connectors "ISCs" that match your radio without diagrams.
# Plug & Play with Windows, Mac and Linux.
# Works with any computer that has sound and USB, Windows 98SE to 7, Mac OSX, Linux.
# Full USB serial control that is a requirement for full compatibility with all programs.
# No wall power supply needed. USB powered from your computer.
# USB provides positive PTT, CW/FSK keying and CAT/CI-V rig control.
# CAT/CI-V rig control TTL interface built in. (Custom CAT/CI-V cables available as accessories).
# Compatible with all 8pin screw on and RJ45 mic connector radios as supplied.
# Fully automatic operation that switches between your mic and computer!
# Front panel transmit level knob frees you from fumbling with your mouse!
# Your mic. always works, your computer always works, no manual switching, no plugging or unplugging.
# Simpler operation, you never have to remember to push un-needed switches to make your station work.
# PTT override feature; your mic. can override the computer, need for perfect for contesting or SSTV ops.
# PTT interrupt feature; your mic. PTT can stop a computer program.
# Automatic switching between your mic and the computer; never a hot mic.
# Always connected, your computer and radio work exactly like they did before.
# CW/FSK keying output for direct keying of your rig's CW or FSK jack for keyboard CW and RTTY software.
# Rear panel RCA PTT switch / foot switch jack that enables the PTT override and interrupt.
# Proven RIGblaster performance, over 30 Thousand on-the-air!
# Compatible with almost every radio and every computer.
# Works with present or future ham radio sound card programs!
# Properly matched and RF suppressed audio for your radio.
# Isolated for proper operation in any station.
# Far and away the easiest to use, most complete and up to date CD, included for free.
# Supplied with everything that you need to get on the air with sound card software.
# Never RF in the audio, proven in over 30,000 installations.
# Positive and fully automatic PTT control supported almost 100 ham sound card programs.
# No illegal or spurious transmissions due to built in sound card VOX operation.
# Leaves your computer's sound functioning exactly as before unlike external sound chip interfaces.
# Supplied in sturdy 1/16" aluminum case, powder coat painted and silk screened.
# Stainless steel and black anodized stainless steel hardware.
# Double sided 1/16" fiberglass plated through, solder masked and silk screened printed circuit board.
# Modern surface mount PCB components.
# Quick change mic. cables to easily switch to 6 pin modular (Yaesu) or 4 pin screw on mic. connector radios. (RJ45 and 8 pin round cables included).
# Connectors for all wires so no wires sticking through holes to cut and break.
# Limited one year parts and labor guarantee, you pay only one way shipping.
# Step by step illustrated instruction manual on CD.

  Click here to view RIGblaster model chart.

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