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Timewave NAV-9

The Timewave NAV-9 Navigator is a full featured digital multi-mode interface connecting an amateur radio transceiver to a personal computer via a single USB cable. The Navigator provides all audio and control functions required as well as power through this single USB cable. All USB devices are controlled through an internal 4 channel USB hub controller. Full duplex, dual channel audio is provided by the USB Audio Codec. Three dual USB UART devices provide six COM ports.

All Navigator options are Software Defined there are NO jumpers or switches to connect or change. You will never need to open the Navigator to reconfigure it for different transceivers since all the configuration is done via the NavOptions software.

An audio monitor with volume control is provided within the interface so that you can hear the side tone of all audio generated modes such as PSK. Side tone monitoring of the WinKey CW controller as well as the FSK Controller are also provided.

The Navigator is designed for use with a PC using the Microsoft 2000, XP and Vista, Win7 and Win 8 operating systems. MAC OS-X (Snow Leopard and Lion) and Linux as also supported.
A special cable (not included), based on your radio model, will be required to connect the NAV-9.
This cable must be ordered directly from Timewave and sells for about $55.

The Navigator is made in America and is FCC Class B certified for a USB digital device. It is also RoHS certified, Industry Canada Standard certified and CE (European) compliant. Size: 6 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 6 5/8".

Click here to view specification sheet PDF.

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