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AEA CP-100

The AEA CP-100 Computer Patch™ is a CW and RTTY modulator/demodulator computer interface. The CP-100 features two 4 pole Chebyashev channel filters, 170, 425, 850 Hz fixed shift and variable receive shift (75-1000 Hz), wide range AGC, built-in monitor speaker and discriminator type bargraph LED tuning indicator. Mark tone is 2125 Hz. Audio input is 5mv to 5v r.m.s.

There are front panel controls for: Shift/mode, Delta F (space filter), Baud rate, squelch, speaker, Standby/PTT, Normal/Reverse (receive sense).

The rear panel supports multiple I/O jacks including: audio in (3.5mm), audio out (3.5mm), AFSK/PTT (4 pin), keying out, key in (1/4") scope output, PC interface (5C TTL), and 13VDC input.

The CP-100 follows on the success of the earlier CP-1 adding these refinements:
  Improved filtering
  Support of 300 baud
  Added 425 and 850Hz fixed shifts
  Built-in monitor speaker
  Improved FSK I/O
  More comprehensive Owner's Manual

This device requires 12 VDC at 300 mA. Supplied with AC-1. This device requires computer-specific software. 11 x 2.5 x 9 inches.

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  RS232 RS-232 computer interface Discontinued

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