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Hi-Res Communications Videos
Do you own any of the classic radios listed below? Would you like to look over the shoulder of an expert as he repairs and restores the radio? These very professional VHS videos let you learn firsthand the proper way to service these classics!

Collins 75A-4
This VHS video is 4 hours of information on how to repair, maintain and restore this classic receiver. Butch Schartau, KØBS, guides you through all aspects of keeping your own 75A-4 running like a top! 4 Hours.

Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

Collins R-390A
Here it is! Long awaited by serious "boat anchor" enthusiasts! The ultimate receiver now has the ultimate video to go along with it! R-390A expert Chuck Rippel, WA4HHG, covers an absolutely incredible array of information in this "heavy duty" video! This video looks at operation, its modules circuit description, front and rear panel details, complete mechanical and electrical alignment, PTOs, performance evaluation, modifications, troubleshooting and restoration. 7 Hours.

Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

Collins R-390A Addendum
An addendendum to the R-390A tape above. 4 Hours.

Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

Collins KWM-2
Highly detailed video on operation, rebuilding, alignment, troubleshooting and neutralizing of this classic! A must for anyone who owns and operates a KWM-2/2A. Printed documentation included. (2 VHS tapes). 4 Hours.

Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

Collins 30S-1
Finally, the one everybody has wanted! This extraordinary video describes operation and user safety, maintenance and modifications of this classic Collins amplifier. Very informative - truly a must for all 30S-1 owners. Printed documentation included. 1 Hour.

Order #0632 ..... $28.98

Collins 30L-1
A complete guide to the 30L-1 amplifier. Operation and safety, updates and a discussion of the 811A triode. Learn the secrets to greater performance. 1 Hour.

Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

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