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DX500 Antenna

The RF Systems DX500 a small active receiving antenna with a frequency range of 30 kHz to 550 MHz. It is powered by either a 12 Volt DC battery supply or optional DC power supply. The DX 500 antenna is very unobtrusive and can be mounted in nearly every situation thanks to a large range of optional mounting devices. Several indoor control boxes make it possible to connect the antenna to different receiver configurations, such as a shortwave receiver, a wideband scanner, a computer controlled receiver or up to three receivers to be used at the same time, whereby each receiver operates as thought it is connected to its own independent antenna.

It is often difficult to place an antenna. For many modern buildings and apartments installing an antenna is either not allowed or the space available is limited. Wideband scanners and computer-controlled receivers with frequency ranges from long-wave through to UHF have created another problem: antennas with good reception on all frequencies over that enormous range do not exist. The DX500 antenna system is the solution for both these problems. The DX500 is a very small antenna, constructed as a stainless steel tube with a height of just 16 inches (40 cm) and a diameter of only 1.4 inches (35 mm). Several optional mounting brackets make it possible to mount the antenna nearly anywhere: on a balcony rail, a short mast, a wall, hanging on the balcony above yours, a rain gutter, a tilted plane like a windowsill or in front of a window. This antenna attracts little attention.

You must order one of the following indoor control units (sold separately):
The DX 500/1 control unit has one wideband output for a single receiver, like a shortwave receiver, a scanner, a wideband receiver, a computer controlled receiver or any other receiver in the 30 kHz to 550 MHz frequency range. Output is a single BNC jack. The control units require 12 VDC.

The DX 500/2 control unit has two outputs: one for a communications receiver for LW, MW and short-wave from 30 kHz to 32 MHz and the other with a range from 32 - 550 MHz for a scanner or other VHF - UHF receiver. Both receivers operate as if they are connected to their own antenna. The built-in duplexer ensures no mutual influence. Output is an SO239 for 30 kHz to 32 MHz and a BNC for 32-550 MHz.

The DX 500/3 control has three outputs: output one for long-wave (and NAVTEX) from 30 kHz - 520 kHz, output two for medium- and short-wave from 520 kHz to 32 MHz and a third output from 32 MHz to 550 MHz. The built-in triplexer ensures that every receiver works as if it is connected to its own antenna. There is no need to connect all three receivers: the unit works also with one or two receivers. Output for longwave is BNC, output for MW and SW is SO239 and output for VHF/UHF is IEC.

All indoor units are protected against short-circuits of the antenna cable and the outputs, and wrong polarization of the 12 V dc supply and high voltage spikes out of the 12 V supply. Every indoor unit has also a built-in filter which suppresses interference from the 12 Volt dc supply or the mains. Please note that the user must supply a suitable 12 VDC power supply (or battery). The control units require 11-15 VDC at 200 mA (2.1 x 5.5mm). A DC power cord is supplied (+ = white stripe).

The DX500 is supplied with 39 feet (12 m) of antenna cable terminating to a solderless IEC plug that will fit into the antenna input of the various indoor antenna control units (sold separately). Cables from the control units to your radio/s and mounts are not supplied. Click here to view manufacturer's DX500 system diagram.

Control Units

Order # Photo Model Output # Jack and Frequency Your Price Order
#0717 DX500/1 DX500/1 Output 1 BNC 30 kHz-550 MHz $109.98
  DX500/2 DX500/2 Output 1
Output 2
SO239 30 kHz-32 MHz
BNC 32-550 MHz
#2209 DX500/3 DX500/3 Output 1
Output 2
Output 3
BNC 30 kHz - 520 kHz
SO239 520 kHz-32 MHz
IEC M 32-550 MHz

Order # Model Description Your Price Order
  AK-2 Antenna mount for wall, vertical surface or mast. Discontinued
  DX500 STAND Threaded vertical stand. VIEW Discontinued
#0998 DX500 MAR2 Threaded vertical swivel stand. INFO $49.98
#2074 DX500 EX Extension cable for DX500 50 foot (15 m) RG59. $48.98
  DX500/AMP Dual band inline amp for DX500 [F to F]. INFO Discontinued
  DX500 ATT Attenuator (continuously variable). VIEW Discontinued

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