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RF Systems DX500/AMP Inline Preamp

The RF Systems DX500/AMP is an inline VHF amplifier for use exclusively with the DX500 active antenna. It is inserted in the coaxial cable coming from the antenna to the radio. It needs no power supply since it derives its power from the DX500 coaxial cable. The overall frequency range is 30 kHz to 550 MHz. Amplification is from 32 MHz to 550 MHz with +12 dB gain. The DX500/AMP uses duplexer circuits that divide the overall range into two bands:  30 kHz to 32 MHz and 32 MHz to 550 MHz. The DX500/AMP gives no extra gain for signals between 30 kHz and 32 MHz, so strong broadcast stations cannot overload the receiver.

The DX500/AMP is made of stainless steel and is waterproof. The cylindrical amp housing is 4.5 inches long (including the female F type jacks). It is supplied with 2 male "F" connectors with 2 weather-boots and sealant.

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