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AOR LA-400
Wideband Loop Antenna

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The AOR LA400 is a wide range receiving antenna that covers from 10 kHz to 500 MHz. There are four selectable band ranges from 150 kHz to 30 MHz that allow manual tuning and then fixed operation for covered frequencies from 10-149 kHz and 30-500 MHz. Sharp alignment characteristics are achieved by electronic tuning. Exceptional 20dB gain is realized, thanks to a built-in low noise amplifier. This indoor antenna is ideal when space is at a premium. And because this is a shielded loop, it works effectively against local noise from electrical devices such as televisions, PCs, fluorescent lightening, dimmers, switching power supplies, etc. This active loop antenna has a 1 foot diameter. The single supplied loop element is all that is required for the entire reception range. Unlike previous amplified indoor loop antennas, the band switching and fine tuning controls are not tied to the loop element. With these controls now on the control box and by using the optional LA400-RCK extension cables (see Options below), it is now possible to tune the antenna while the loop element is setup at the best location possible.

Output is via a BNC jack. A 3.3 foot BNC to BNC patch cable is provided. This antenna operates from 12 VDC or via the supplied AC wall adapter. This receive-only antenna is designed for indoor use. The LA400 is not waterproof.

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  BNC F-PL259 BNC female to PL259 adapter VIEW Discontinued
  MC-600 Impedance matching transformer INFO Not in stock
  GT-1 Galvanic isolation transformer INFO Not in stock
  LA400-RCK Extension cables (32 feet) INFO Not in stock

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