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The Comet BR-200 is a wideband base receive active antenna covering 500 kHz to 1300 MHz. The antenna gain is 3-7 dBi depending on frequency.
The integrated amplifier provides 30 dB gain on HF and VHF, and 12 dB above 900 MHz.

A bias-tee unit is included to feed the preamp voltage up the coax line. The bias-tee requires 9-16 VDC @ 100 mA.

The fiberglass and aluminum antenna is 54 inches (1.35m). 2.2 lbs. (1 kg). A bracket is included to attach the antenna to a mast.
Maximum wind speed = 134 MPH (60 meters per second).

The BR-200 includes the antenna, bias-tee and mast mounting bracket. The antenna features a low-loss female "N" jack.
The user must supply the DC power source, mast and coax cable.

NCG-Comet USA has informed us this product development is on indefinite 'hold'.
We will post any new announcements.

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