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Yaesu VR-5000
Wideband Receiver


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  • Wide Frequency Coverage
  • 2000 Memories
  • Dual Receive
  • Program/Alarm/Sleep Timer
  • Real-Time Spectrum Display
  • Radio Controlled Band Search
  • VFO/Memory Scan
  • Smart Search™
  • Attenuator
  • 10.7 MHz IF Output Jack
  • Tone Control
  • Squelch Control
  • Display Dimmer
  • PC Port
  • Password Lock
  • Optional FVS-1A Voice Synthesizer
  • Optional DSP-1
  • Audio Wave Meter

The Yaesu VR-5000 provides sophisticated wideband reception. Coverage is from 100 kHz to 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz) less cellular, in AM, FM-Narrow, FM-Wide, LSB, USB and CW. This radio features a real-time bandscope that can display:  0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0 or 10.0 MHz. of spectrum. You get 2000 alphanumeric memory channels grouped into 100 banks. The priority channel may be set for 1, 2, 5 or 10 seconds. According to lab tests recently performed by Passport to World Band Radio, which they have granted permission to Universal to reproduce, "bandwidths measure 17.2, 8.7 and 3.9 kHz for the AM mode, and 4.0 kHz for SSB -- all with superb-to-excellent skirt selectivity and good (70 dB) ultimate rejection."

The VR-5000's versatile scanning system insures you won't miss any of the excitement on the bands! The scanner allows you to select from three scan-resume options, too: "Delay" Scan, which lets scanning resume after a programmed interval of waiting on an active channel; "Pause" Scan, which holds on an active channel until the incoming signal disappears; and "Hold" Scan, whereby scanning stops when activity is encountered. There are many scanning features available:
VFO Scan
     Sweeps the entire frequency range of the receiver 100 kHz to 2600 MHz (less cellular frequencies).
Memory Scan
     Choose from scanning of all memory channels, or channels within a particular memory group.
PMS (Programmable Memory Scan)
     Scan within user-defined band limits, as though you were on a VFO.
     As many as 100 band-limit memories may be utilized for the setting of scanning borders.
Smart Search™
     Automatically loads up to 100 channels where activity is found.
Main-Sub Two-Channel Scanning
     Allows watching of the Main and Sub VFO frequencies without listening to them simultaneously.
     Scanning is at approximately 15 channels per second and sweep is at 15 steps per second.

Optional aids such as a DSP unit, voice synthesizer and digital voice recorder are available. Jacks on the back panel include:  Mute, 13.8 VDC input, External Speaker, 10.7 MHz IF Output, Antenna Input A (SO-239 50 ohm) & B (Hi Z 450 ohm). The VR-5000 has the Yaesu CAT computer interface DB9 (4800/9600/57600 bps) is built-in (cable and software not provided). The sophisticated LCD may be adjusted for contrast and brightness. This radio has three timers:  multi-event radio on/off, alarm and sleep.

The VR-5000 comes with the PA28B 117 VAC adapter and a DC power cord. This radio is only 7.1 x 2.75 x 8 inches 4.2 lbs. (180x70x203mm 1.9kg).

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  DSP1 DSP-1 DSP Unit provides digital notch, bandpass, CW peaking and noise reduction. Discontinued
  DVS4 DVS-4 Digital Voice Recorder saves up to 16 seconds of incoming audio. Discontinued
  FVS1A FVS-1A Voice Synthesizer Unit. Discontinued
#4073 OM VR5000 OM VR5000 Original Owner's Manual. 60 pages. VIEW
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