Icom IC-R8600-02
Wideband Receiver
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Icom IC-R8600-04
Wideband Receiver
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Icom R8600

The Icom IC-R8600-02 wideband communications receiver raises the bar on sophisticated radio monitoring. This ground breaking receiver made its world debut at the Tokyo Ham Fair on August 19, 2016. The IC-R8600 covers 10 kHz to 3000 MHz (less cellular) in AM, USB, LSB, CW, FM and decodes multiple digital protocols, including Baudot RTTY, D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR, DCR (Digital Communication Radio) and APCO P25. It has a large 4.3 inch color TFT touch screen display with fast spectrum scope and waterfall display. The advance circuit employs modern FPGA/DSP base SDR architecture (under 30 MHz) and traditional superheterodyne circuitry. 2000 memories (in 100 groups) are available storing frequency, mode, tone, step, etc. Optional RS-R8600 PC remote control software allows control of all receiver functions. There is a convenient SD card slot for the received log, decode log and voice recording. Other refinements include: Absolute value display of electric field intensity, Sleep timer function (5 to 120 minutes in 5 minute steps), Attenuator, Center tune indicator (FM/WFM/each digital mode), Digital AFC, Tone control (HPF/LPF, BASS/TREBLE, De-Emphasis), Noise Blanker, Speech function (Japanese/English), Dial tension adjust, Auto TS function, Main dial & panel lock functions, S-AM (AM synchronous detection mode) and Multiple digital squelch settings.

The rear panel features:  10.7 MHz IF Output, LAN Port, Mute Line, Reference I/O, I/Q output, External speaker jack, AF/IF output, CI-V remote terminal, USB port, DC power Input jack, S meter output jack, Aux., three antenna jacks (N/SO239/RCA) and ground terminal. The I/Q signal output supports use with third-party SDR software and/or external decoding.

This radio comes with: fused DC power cord (9.8 feet), spare fuse, DC power short connector, three 3.5mm audio plugs, two RCA plugs, spare blade fuse (3A/32V), two spare glass fuses (3A/125V). The IC-R8600 is a 12 VDC device and requires a power supply for AC use.

Operational reminders ...
Be sure to insert the supplied "short connector" into the radio's rear panel if using Icom's AD-55NS or SP-39AD.
Do not accidentally try to insert a PL-259 connector into "Antenna Jack 1". (This is an "N" jack). See item #3076.

The Icom IC-R8600-04 GOVT unblocked version can be purchased by the Federal government or for export only.
This special order government version is not available via on-line ordering.

All stated features, appearances, screen shots and specifications may be subject to change without notice. Icom, Icom Inc. and the Icom logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and/or other countries. NXDN is a trademark of Icom Incorporated and JVC KENWOOD Corporation. dPMR and the dPMR logo are trademarks of the dPMR MoU Association.

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#1945 AH-8000 AH-8000 Outdoor omni-antenna with 49 feet lead-in covering 100-3300 MHz. It can also be used for transmit on 144, 430, 1200 and 2400 MHz ham bands (under 200W). INFO $340.00 $269.95
#2529   CS-R8600 Programming software. INFO   $79.95
#5480 MB-123 MB-123 Carry Handle. INFO $35.00 $28.95
#6728   RS-R8600 Remote control software. INFO $199.00 $159.95
#5885 Icom RC-28 RC-28 Remote encoder unit for RS-R8600 software. INFO $296.00 $259.95
#1696 SP23 SP-23 External Speaker with dual inputs, audio filtration, speaker switch and headphone jack. INFO $330.00 $239.95
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#3076 UG146 UG-146 SO-239 to N male adapter VIEW
For using a PL-259 in Antenna Input 1.

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#0086 16-A C[3000] 2600/2500 Q1400/1700 JP 10/17
#0586 16-A C[3000] 2600/2600 Q====/==== JP 10/17