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Icom R9500
Voice Recorder

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R9500 Voice Recorder

Icom R9500 Voice Recorder

The Icom IC-R9500 has two types of digital voice recorders. One is the regular recorder, recording for long periods in “WAV” format into the built-in CF memory or an external USB memory. The sampling rate is variable from 8kHz (SQ1) to 48kHz (SHQ). In SQ1 mode, up to 130 minutes (approx.) of recorded audio can be stored into the CF memory. The other recorder is the short voice recorder, which saves the previous 15 seconds of radio audio into RAM, allowing you to play back the audio instantly.

This easy-to-use voice recorder records not only the received audio, but also information such as operating frequency, mode, and the recording time for your future reference.

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