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Icom R9500
Spectrum Scope

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R9500 Spectrum Scope

Icom R9500 Spectrum Scope

The Icom IC-R9500 has four different spectrum modes such as normal/wide and center/fixed width. The normal spectrum scope covers a range from ±2.5kHz to ±5MHz, while the wide band spectrum scope* observes up to ±500MHz (±10MHz, ±25MHz, ±50MHz, ±100MHz ±250MHz and ±500MHz selectable). When using the normal spectrum scope, the digital scope’s filter width can vary from 200Hz to 20kHz with a variable sweep speed. The spectrum scope can also be set to use specific scope edges or to center the span on the receiving frequency. The peak search function automatically moves the display marker to the strongest signal on the scope screen. In addition to these features, the scope has 3 levels of attenuation (10dB, 20dB, 30dB). (* While using the wide band scope function, AF output is muted).

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