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AOR SDU-5600
Spectrum Display


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It has never been so easy to locate brief elusive transmissions. Coupled to the AR5000 or AR8600 receivers, the AOR SDU-5600 provides a spectrum display of 10 MHz bandwidth! Menu driven operation: All facilities are within easy access through each dedicated function key and on-screen menu. Full interconnection with the AR5000 is achieved. The AR5000 can be operated from the SDU5600 enabling selection of center frequency, receive mode, etc. Any frequency spotted and monitored by the SDU5600 can be received by the AR5000 straight way.

Direct reading of the receiving frequency and input level: By placing the cursor on any spot frequency, you can read its frequency and input level on LCD screen. When connected with the AR5000, the SDU5600 virtually works as a spectrum analyzer over 10 kHz to 2600 MHz range as the center frequency always becomes the receive frequency. The SDU5600 comes with an AC power supply, BNC to BNC cable to connect to the IF output of the AR5000 and a DB9 to DB9 serial cable to connect to the AR5000. There is also a second DB9 serial jack on the back panel of the SDU5600 use by a controlling computer. The SDU5600 includes an AC adapter.

Order # Item Description Price Order
#5105 USB2000 Optional USB adapter (if your PC does not have a serial port). $59.95

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