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Yaesu VR-120
Wideband Receiver


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Yaesu VR-120

  • Wide Frequency Coverage
  • 640 Alpha Memories
  • Triple Conversion
  • Backlit LCD
  • BNC Antenna
  • Attenuator
  • Mini Audio Jack
  • Manual Tuning Knob
  • S-Meter
  • Dual Watch
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • AM Bar Antenna

The Yaesu VR-120 is a very compact wideband receiver covering 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz (less cellular and cellular image gaps), in AM, FM-Narrow and FM-Wide. You get a tremendous frequency range of reception. Enjoy 640 memories (10 banks at 64) including 4 priority channels. Alphanumeric tagging (up to 8 characters) is supported.

Efficient scanning is the key to any receiver's performance and the VR-120 is the champion when it comes to scanning. A special Search Band Scanning function assigns seven memory channels as scanning limits, and for skipping a particular frequencies, a 64 channel Skip memory bank lets you tune past stations that you do not wish to monitor. Among the Memory scan features are:  Full Memory Scan, Memory Bank Scan, Selected Memory Channel Scan, Programmable Band-Limit Memory Scan, Smart Search, Priority Channel Watch and Dual Watch. Manual tuning can also be accomplished via the tuning knob.

A built-in AM ferrite loop antenna insures good medium wave performance, often lacking in wideband radios. Selectivity is 16 kHz for AM/FM and 200 kHz for FM wide. Triple conversion.

The VR-120 includes a Channel Counter feature, which measures the frequency of a very strong signal in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to zero in manually on the other station's frequency. And if you experience a lull in the monitoring action, play the VR-120 Slot Machine Game! A three-column random-number generator lets you match your wits against the VR-120's microprocessor in an amusing game of chance.

When you're out in the field, and can't afford to miss out on weather information, long battery life in your receiver is essential. The VR-120, especially designed for low current consumption, can provide up to 20 hours of operation on a pair of AA alkaline cells (not supplied) (at 40 mW audio output) and the Battery Saver feature cuts battery consumption dramatically when no signals are being received. You also get a 30/60/90 minute sleep timer function. An icon on the LCD indicates when the batteries are getting low, alerting you to the need to replace them. The 1/8 inch earphone jack can also be used for radio to radio cloning (see optional CT-35 cable below). The VR-120 includes BNC antenna, wrist strap and belt clip. The VR-120 is only 2.3 x 3.8 x 1 inches 8 oz. (59x85x26mm 195g). The VR-120 was replaced by the VR-120D.

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  CSC-76 CSC-76 Soft Vinyl Carry Case Discontinued
  CT-35 CT-35 Cloning cable. Discontinued

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