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ARC8200 Software

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Wideband Receiver Software 


   ARC8200 Software

The ARC8200 BuTel Software CD is designed expressly for the AOR AR8200 series. It has several functions.

The ARC8200 Memory Manager allows you to import data from text, CSV, TAB, HTM files, upload frequency data from any website, resize your memory banks, copy/Move/Swap data like the AR8200 itself, insert/remove/clear data, program an offset in every channel independently, setup the scangroup banklink, setup the scangroup search parameters (delay,free,voice,level), sort data in a memory bank, setup banknames, setup memory bank protect, print your memory banks.

The ARC8200 Search Bank Manager allows you to cut/copy/paste, toggle data for easy edit, setup the scangroup banklink, setup the scangroup search parameters (delay,free,voice,level), sort a bank import data from the fast logging utility, print the search banks with powerfull customize option.

The ARC8200 Bandplan Manager allows you to print your bandplan and includes the 'out of the box' bandplan files used in USA and Europe.

The ARC8200 Spectrum Analyser shows activity in a search range. It is slow, but very useful. Click here to view spectrum screen.

The ARC8200 Fast Data logging utility is faster then the AR8200 itself and log files from this utility can be imported in the memory manager!

Click here to view other screen shots: screen 1 or screen 2

System requirements:
Pentium 166 MHz
Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000
2 MB Video Card (800x600 @ 256 colors - minimum)
15 MB free hard disk space (plus space for the custom scan lists)
CD Drive
Available COM Port (COM 1 or COM 2) [USB not supported]
AOR AR8200
Remote control interface for the AR8200

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