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AOR SR2200
VHF/UHF PC Receiver


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This device was for
government use
or export only.

Discontinued VHF/UHF PC Receiver 

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AOR SR2200

The AOR SR2200 is a DSP powered VHF/UHF receiver unit covering from 25 MHz to 3 GHz with triple conversion superheterodyne in AM, NFM, WFM and SFM modes. Thanks to a well designed RFU, the generated IF signal of 10.7 MHz is of high linearity. Moreover, the demodulated signal is amplified to a high-definition audio (AF) signal, which can be output to an external speaker (not supplied) for superb sound. The rear panel features both an RS232 port and USB port. The 8 conductor Accessory Output jack contains:  Discriminator Out 5VDC @30mA Max., AF out 120mV 600 ohms, AF out 60mV 600 Ohms and 5VDC @30mA Max and ground. The supplied SR2200 CD includes the manual, simple control software and drivers. A DC power cord is provided. This device requires 12 VDC at 500 mA.

Special note:
Although the SR2200 is listed in the Wideband Receiver section of this website, please note that it does not cover HF.

The AOR SR2200 could be purchased for government or for export only.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
   DA3200 VHF-UHF Discone receive antenna covering 25 to 3000 MHz with 32 foot of coax to N to BNC. Discontinued

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