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AR-Mini B

Wideband Receiver


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* Water Resistant (to JIS4 standard)
* High Stability TCXO
* Long Battery Life (up to 22 hours)
* 1000 Memories
* CTCSS & DCS Decode
* Preprogrammed Bug Detector
* Two VFOs
* RF Attenuator
* Built-in Ferrite Bar Antenna (100-5000 kHz)
* Battery Saver
* Backlit LCD with Signal Meter
* Voice Descrambling (AR-Mini U version only).

The AOR AR-Mini B handheld radio covers 100 kHz to 1300 MHz (less cellular) in:  Wide FM, Narrow FM and AM modes. 1000 Alpha memories in 10 banks are supplied. Bandwidths are:   FM-N/AM 15 kHz, FM-Wide 220 kHz (-6 dB). A TCXO is featured for great stability. 2.4 x 3.7 x 0.9 inches 7.4 oz. SMA type antenna. This small, but rugged receiver is water resistant (JIS4).

The AR-Mini comes with two NiMH AA cells, AAmini AC adapter (6 VDC 500 mA), SMA flexible antenna, belt clip, hand strap and manual.

The AOR AR-Mini U model is the same as above, but without the 824-849 / 869-894 MHz cellular gap. It additionally features a voice descrambling capability. This unblocked version was for government or qualifying commercial purchase order or for export only.


Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#0231 PC-Mini CO-Mini AR-Mini to AR-Mini clone cable $10.00 $6.98 Order
   DC-Mini DC-Mini DC Cable with cigar plug.
Converts 12 VDC to 6 VDC. INFO
  PC-Mini PC-Mini USB PC cable Discontinued
    SC-Mini Soft carry case Discontinued

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