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The AOR TV8600 is designed for use exclusively with the AR8600MkIIB or MkIIU. It demodulates audio and video NTSC signals. The signal is tapped from the 10.7 MHz IF output of (with 10 MHz bandwidth) of the receiver. The TV8600 board mounts inside the AR8600MkII and requires very careful soldering. A professional technician is suggested. The video is routed out the IF jack on the back panel of the AR8600MkII (with this in mind, it will not be possible to use the SDU5500 or SDU5600). Please also note that the TV8600 cannot be used if the optional BP8600 battery is installed as they both require the same physical space inside the radio.

The TV8600 will feed video to a composite video monitor (not supplied). Most newer televisions also have separate video and audio inputs, and could be used. (Please note that a VGA computer monitor will not work as a monitor for the TV8600). This product has a six month manufacturer's limited warranty.


Please note that American broadcast television converted to a digital format on 02/17/09. After this date you cannot view broadcast television with this device.

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