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Alinco DJ-X3T
Wideband Receiver


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Alinco DJ-X3T

  • 4 Way Antenna System
  • Illuminated LCD
  • FM Stereo Earphone Jack
  • Removable SMA Antenna
  • 700 Memories
  • Bug Sniffer Feature
  • Attenuator

The Alinco DJ-X3T wideband receiver covers 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM wide and FM narrow modes. The illuminated LCD display is large and easy to read. In addition to frequency information, it will also show the operating mode, memory channel, battery strength, signal strength and a number of other user-selected operating parameters. A belt clip and strap are also included. The DJ-X3T can also clone to other DJ-X3 units, sharing its programmed parameters through a wire connection.

The DJ-X3T has a very distinctive design that places the speaker behind the display. Audio is heard from ports on either side of the display window. The compact unit easily fits in a shirt or jacket pocket. The DJ-X3T features 700 memory channels (ten banks of 70 channels). This radio may be operated with a Ni-MH battery (optional) or with three AA cells (optional). FM stereo is available via the earphone jack. The operator has four selectable antenna choices: an internal AM bar antenna, an internal shortwave bar antenna, the earphone cable may be used as antenna or the SMA whip antenna terminal may be activated. The supplied SMA antenna is removable. This radio features an attenuator and also has a bug detector function.

The DJ-X3T has three operating profiles: VFO, Preset AM/FM/TV Frequencies and Memory mode. The user can make manual selections or scan in any of those modes. In the memory scanmode, the operator can choose one specified bank, certain banks can be linked for scanning or one can choose to scan all banks. There are 20 program and memory scan options. The scan mode can be set for Timer Scan (5 second pause) or Busy Scan (signal carrier operated).

Other features include:  APO Auto Power Off (0/30/60/90 minutes), Attenuator (20 dB), BS Battery Save function, Beep On/Off, Wired Cloning (requires optional cable), and battery-low icon. One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Special Note:
The configuration distributed by Alinco in the USA does not include the NiCad battery or charger. The available model, referred to as the DJ-X3T, includes only the radio, SMA antenna, wrist strap, belt clip and three AA cell holder [EDH-31S].

The Alinco DJ-X3K model is the same as above, but without the 816-902 MHz cellular gap and can be purchased via government or qualifying commercial purchase order or for export only. This unblocked version is no longer available.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
    EBC-18 Belt clip Discontinued
   EDC93 EDC-93 Wall adapter to power EDC-105. Discontinued
   EDC105 EDC-105 Drop in charger for EBP-52NS or DJ-X3T with EBP-52NS (Requires EDC-93). INFO Discontinued
    EBP-52NS Ni-MH Battery pack 3.6V 500 mAh. Matching silver color. Discontinued
    EBP-52N Ni-MH Battery pack 3.6V 500 mAh. Non-matching black color. Discontinued
    EDH-31S Battery holder (3xAA) [as supplied] Discontinued
  ERW4 ERW-4C PC Interface Serial Cable [DB-9F] (with 2.5mm adapter).  Discontinued
#1695 ERW7 ERW-7 PC Interface USB Cable INFO $49.65 $34.98 Order
  SMABNC SMA-BNC RF adapter to connect a BNC type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. Not in stock
   SMA-SO239 SMA-SO239 Low-loss 4 foot (1.2 m) LMR100 RF adapter cable to safely connect a PL259 type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. Not in stock

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