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Icom IC-R5-06 Sport
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It began with the R1 ... the first wideband receiver to fit in your pocket. The R2 offered further refinement and now we have the state-of-the-art Icom IC-R5 Sport. Again at only 2.3"x3.4"x1.13" (58x86x27 mm) it is absolutely packed with features. And it is big on coverage, tuning from 150 kHz to 1309.995 MHz (less cellular and gaps) in these modes:  AM, FM Narrow and FM wide. The triple conversion circuit provides amazing sensitivity for the size. It has 1200 alphanumeric memories storing: frequency, mode, step size, duplex direction and offset, CTCSS tone, tone squelch and skip settings. The R5 supports six types of scanning Both automatic and manual Squelch are supported and CTCSS/DTCS decode is built in! Other features include:  attenuator, LCD lamp, auto power off (30/60/90/120 mins.), battery save and battery low indicator. A built in ferrite bar antenna improves AM band (MW) performance. There are several power saving functions including backlit LCD timer.

The IC-R5 Sport helps you stay out of Mother Nature's way with weather radio function. When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather bulletin over the selected weather channel, the 'R5 emits an audio alert, then stays on that channel for the relay of pertinent information. Operation of the 'R5 is possible from a wide variety of power sources with the external DC port and Icom's use of 2 AA-size batteries (not supplied). Whether dry cell, alkaline or the newer rechargeable batteries, the R5 will give you hours of operation. The external DC jack also provides a power source and acts as a charger for AA NiCad-type batteries. You may listen to the radio as it is charging.

The R5 Sport comes with:   flexible SMA antenna, belt clip, wrist strap and Owner's Manual and Ham Radio Terms booklet. The factory has pre-programmed the Hot 100 SWL List into your R5 (but you can change or delete them if you wish).

NOTE:  The original R5-06 version additionally included the  BC-149A wall charger and two AA NiCad cells.

The R5-11-Sport GOVT model was the same as above, but without the cellular gaps and could be purchased via government or qualifying commercial customers or for export only.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC149A BC-149A AC Wall Adapter 6VDC 100 0mA. VIEW Discontinued
    BC-153SA-52 AC switching type wall charger. 100-240 VAC 6VDC 1000 mA. Discontinued
  CP18A CP-18A Cigarette Lighter Cable with voltage converter (6 VDC output) Discontinued
    CS R5 Windows 98/Me/2000/XP cloning software (requires OPC-478, OPC-478U or OPC-478UC) Discontinued
  HP4 HP-4 Lightweight monaural headphones with 39 inch cable to 3.5mm stereo plug. Discontinued
    LC-146a Carrying case. INFO Discontinued
  OPC474 OPC-474 R5 to R5 cloning cable Not in stock
  OPC478 OPC-478 RS232 PC to R5 cloning cable kit. INFO Discontinued
  OPC478U OPC-478U USB PC to R5 cloning cable with USB drivers 3.5 diskette. INFO Discontinued
  OPC478UC OPC-478UC USB PC to R5 cloning cable with Windows USB drivers CD. INFO Discontinued
  SP13 SP-13 Black mono earphone 3.5 mm plug. Discontinued
#0531 SMABNC SMA-BNC RF adapter to connect a BNC type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. $  5.95 $  3.95 Order
#4513 SMA-SO239 SMA-SO239 Low-loss 4 foot (1.2 m) LMR100 RF adapter cable to safely connect a PL259 type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. Discontinued

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