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AOR AR-Alpha B
Wideband Receiver


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Discontinued Wideband Professional Receiver 

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AOR AR-Alpha

The AOR AR-Alpha B takes professional monitoring to a new level. It is designed to meet the increasingly complex needs of monitoring professionals. Continuous coverage from 10 kHz to 3.3 GHz (less cellular frequencies). Digital signal processing is employed at both the IF stage and demodulating stage. Fast frequency processing is achieved by means of FFT. Dual communications ports on the back panel support both RS-232C and USB connection. Modes of reception include:  WFM (in stereo selectable de-emphasis), NFM, AM (Synchronous AM, diversity synchronous AM), ISB, RZSSB, USB, LSB, CW, P25, Video (FM, AM NTSC/PAL). A wide range of IF filters are available:  200 Hz, 500 Hz, 3 kHz, 6 kHz, 15 kHz, 30 kHz, 100 kHz, 200 kHz, 300 kHz. The AGC may be set for FAST, MEDIUM, SLOW and OFF. A stunning 6 inch diagonal high resolution TFT color display supports spectral display (with water fall) as well as video reception [no broadcast TV after 02/17/09]. The spectrum display can show up to 1 GHz of bandwidth! This 19 inch wide radio can be employed in both base and field environments. The Alpha requires 13.8VDC at 2.5 amps. The back panel features two antenna inputs:  ANT 1 (N), ANT 2 (SO239). There is 10.7MHz (BNC) output jack. Other jacks include:  AF Out Right and Left (RCA), Mute (RCA), External Speaker (3.5mm mini) and Accs. 2. The Alpha comes with rack ears for mounting the radio in a standard 19 inch rack. With 129 page manual.

The AOR AR-Alpha U unblocked version was for government or for export only.

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  AOR AS5000 AS5000 This antenna switch module adds antenna inputs 3 and 4 (N type) with control selection from the receiver. Output (N plug) is to Antenna input 1 of AR Alpha. Discontinued
  AOR AS5001 AS5001 This antenna switch module adds antenna inputs 3 and 4 (N type) with control selection from the receiver. Output (N plug adapter) is to Antenna input 1 of the Alpha.  VIEW   Not in stock

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#1036 06-17 D[14500] 9500/9500 Q0900/1200 JP 10/21