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RadioMaster AC-108

The RadioMaster AC-108 combiner answers the question, "How do you connect both a shortwave and VHF antenna to a wideband receiver?"

Many of the newer wideband scanners such as the AOR AR3000, AR8200, AR8600, ARDV1, Icom IC-PCR100 and IC-PCR1000 feature just one BNC antenna input. But very few antennas cover the entire range of these radios. The AC-108 lets you connect a shortwave and a VHF/UHF antenna at the same time. This combiner has a BNC input for 10 kHz to 108 MHz and a BNC input for for 108-1500 MHz. This device combines the signals of both antennas and feeds them to the receiver via the short BNC coax jumper. Both antenna inputs have a DC leak-path to ground, allowing static build up to flow harmlessly to ground.

Made in Holland.

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