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AR8200 Mark II B

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Discontinued Wideband Receivers 

The AOR AR8200B is a capable and compact wideband receivers. This sensitive handheld radio covers 500 kHz to 2040 MHz (less cellular) in:  Wide FM, Narrow FM, Super Narrow FM, Wide AM, Standard AM, Narrow AM, USB, LSB and CW. The side keypad has 4 arrow keys presented as a single rocker. 1000 Alpha memories in 20 banks are supplied. The scan-search rate is 37 steps/second. Bandwidths are:  FM-W 150 kHz, FM-N/AM-W 12 kHz, AM/FM-S 9 kHz and AM-N/SSB 3 kHz (-6 dB).

The AR8200B includes:  four NiCad AA cells, AC charger, belt-clip, auto cigarette lighter power cord, removable medium wave (AM) antenna and flexible antenna. This radio may also be operated from a 12 VDC external source.

The AR8200B accepts plug-in slot card options (see below). Size 2.4 x 6 x 1.5 inches (61x143x39mm).


Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
    AA8000 AC adapter [As supplied]. INFO Discontinued
  ABF125 ABF125 VHF Airband Filter. Bandpass: 108-136 MHz. 50 ohm. (BNC M to BNC F) Discontinued
   AOR ABF128 ABF128 VHF Airband Filter, Bandpass: 108-136 MHz. (BNC M to BNC F) INFO Discontinued
  CC8200A CC8200A PC RS232C Cable DB9F 3.2 ft. Discontinued
    USB8200 PC USB cable with level shift. Discontinued
  CO8200 CO8200 AR8200 to AR8200 Cloning Cable 2.9 feet. Discontinued
#3805 CR8200 CR8200 Recording Adapter 2.3 feet (Audio to 3.5mm plug, control to 2.5mm plug).   $  75.00   $  29.98 Order
#3156 DC8000 DC8000 Cigarette lighter plug DC cord.   $  12.95   $  11.98 Order
  IF8200 IF8200 Data Interface Cable 3.2 feet (plug to raw wire). Discontinued
  CT8200 CT8200 CTCSS Squelch & Search Slot Card searches for 50 CTCSS tones which may be in use on the current receive frequency and to save a specific CTCSS tone (from the 50 tones available) into each VFO, each search bank and every memory channel individually. CTCSS is used by may amateur band repeaters, public utilities and private mobile radio services where shared resources are used. CTCSS ensures that users only hear traffic intended for them. Discontinued
  TE8200 TE8200 The Tone Eliminator Slot Card allows the radio to ignore certain transmissions which would otherwise stop the scan and search process. There are 256 values for the tone eliminator ranging from 0 to 255 representing a frequency range of 0.4 to 4.2 kHz Discontinued
  RU8200 RU8200 The IC Recorder Slot Card allows 20 seconds of audio to be recorded for playback at a later time. The chip may be recorded to time and time again over writing the previous recordings. The recordings may be played back as many times as required. Discontinued
  EM8200 EM8200 External Memory Slot Card. Saves 1,000 memory channels in 20 banks and 40 program search banks. Can hold the entire contents of the AR8200 including environmental operating data and band scope four times in EM8200 locations 0, 1, 2 & 3 Discontinued
#0422 VI8200 VI8200 Voice Inversion Slot Card. Analog 157 step.
Available for government users or export only! INFO
In stock. Pleae call.
  $109.00   $49.98  
  SC8200P SC8200P Vinyl carry case. Not currently stocked
    LC-8200 Real black leather carry case. Discontinued
  RA8200 RA8200 Flexible rubber antenna 6.25 inches [BNC]. VIEW Not in stock
  RA860000 RA8600 Telescopic antenna 25 inch (650 mm) with swivel hinge [BNC]. (Supplied with radio). Not in stock
     ARC8200v2 BuTel Windows CD programming software for the AR8200/8600. INFO Discontinued

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