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Icom TV-R7100
TV Receive Adapter


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  TVR7100 diagram

The Icom TV-R7100 TV receive adapter quickly plugs into your R8500 (or older R7100). With the addition of a composite video monitor (or regular TV with audio and video input jacks), you can now enjoy video reception from your R8500. This would include broadcast TV stations (prior to 02/17/09) as well as any other TV signals that may be in your reception area including amateur fast-scan TV, video links, security and sports feeds, etc. There is also a true stereo headphone jack to receive FM stereo radio stations.

The TV-R7100 draws its required 9 volts, 100 mA directly from the receiver, so no extra power supply is required. Click here to view TV-R7100 controls.

The version that Universal sold was the U.S.A. version (not the European version). Size:  4.3 x 1.4 x 7.9 inches 1.7 lbs. (110x35x200mm 750g).

This device no longer can display broadcast TV signals because of the switch to "digital" TV.

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#2184 00 D000/000 Q070/110 JP 10/16