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Icom TV-R7100
TV Receive Adapter


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  TVR7100 diagram

The Icom TV-R7100 TV receive adapter quickly plugs into your IC-R8500 (or older IC-R7100). With the addition of a composite video monitor (or regular TV that has audio and video input jacks), you can now enjoy video reception from your R8500. This would include broadcast TV stations (prior to 02/17/09) as well as any other TV signals that may be in your reception area including amateur fast-scan TV, video links, security and sports feeds, etc. There is also a true stereo headphone jack to receive FM stereo broadcast radio stations.

The TV-R7100 draws its required 9 volts, 100 mA directly from the receiver, so no extra power supply is required. Click here to view TV-R7100 controls.

The version that Universal sold was the U.S.A. version (not the European version). Size: 4.3 x 1.4 x 7.9 inches 1.7 lbs. (110x35x200mm 750g).

This device no longer can display broadcast TV signals because of the switch to "digital" TV.

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#2844 00 D000/000 Q070/110 JP 01/18