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AR8200D (U)

Wideband Portable
Government Receiver

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The AOR AR8200D government wideband receiver covers 500 kHz to 3000 MHz in:  Wide FM, Narrow FM, Super Narrow FM, Wide AM, Standard AM, Narrow AM, APCO 25, USB, LSB and CW. The side keypad has 4 arrow keys presented as a single rocker. 1000 Alpha memories in 20 banks are supplied. The scan-search rate is 37 steps/second. Bandwidths are:  FM-W 150 kHz, FM-N/AM-W 12 kHz, AM/FM-S 9 kHz and AM-N/SSB 3 kHz (-6 dB).

Improvements in the Mark II version include:
* A new TCXO for greater stability
* Brighter backlit display
* New telescopic antenna
* New keyboard
* Attractive black case
* Stronger 1100 mAh high capacity Ni-Cd cells.
Improvements in the Mark III version include:
* Extended frequency coverage
* Better sensitivity with increased resistance to intermod
* Improved temperature compensated crystal oscillator
* Stronger 1500 mAh high capacity Ni-MH cells
Improvements in the "D" version include:
* APCO 25 Phase I Decoder
* 4 Gb MicroSD card for up to 65 hours of audio recording
* Mini USB port
* CTCSS function built in
* Voice Inversion
* Strong 1800 mAh high capacity Ni-MH cells

The AR8200D includes:  Four NiMH AA cells, AC charger, belt-clip, auto cigarette lighter power cord, removable medium wave (AM) antenna and RA8600 Telescopic Whip antenna. This radio may also be operated from a 12 VDC external source. There is a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mini earphone jack on the right side. Only 2.4 x 6 x 1.5 inches (61x143x39mm).

Please see the AR8200MkIII for available accessories.

The AOR AR8200D (U) can be purchased for government or for export only.
This radio is not currently available from Universal Radio.

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