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Icom IC-R3-26
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Icom IC-R3

What a cool idea this is! The Icom IC-R3 offers incredible wideband coverage from 0.495-815.995 MHz and 902-2450.095 MHz in AM, FM wide, FM narrow and TV. Yes, the R3 has a built in 2 inch TFT color TV screen. (We sold the North American version that is NTSC format (not PAL)). You will be able to receive regular TV (until 02/14/09), but that is only the beginning. Imagine tuning to the VHF ham radio "fast scan" frequencies and seeing live ham transmissions. In fact with this coverage, you may be able to see all kinds of video links depending on your location! With an optional camera-transmitter you can even monitor video in your own house. The display can also be used as a spectrum bandscope (up to 500 kHz) and to display the various operational menus. There is also a second mono LCD display that can be used for conventional frequency display purposes when battery life is a concern.

The R3 is loaded with features. You get a huge 450 alphanumeric memory system (50 channels in 8 banks plus 50 scan edge memories), 4-step attenuator, video and audio outputs, auto power off, a 4 position joy stick and BNC type antenna. A tone squelch system is built in to provide quiet stand-by. Many frequency and memory scan modes are supported. The tone squelch includes two functions. The Pocket beep function alerts you with a beep when a specified station's signal is received. The tone scan function is used for the receiving signal such as for a repeater. The right side of the radio has a 3.5mm Audio/Composite Video output jack and external 6 VDC input jack both covered by rubber flaps. This radio came with battery, the BC-136A (or later BC-153A) wall charger, belt clip and BNC antenna.

The R3-27 GOVT model was the same as above, but without the 816-902 MHz gap. Still NTSC video format. Was for government or qualifying commercial purchase order or for export only.

R3 screens

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC135 BC-135-12 Desktop rapid charger (2.5 hours) with adapter cup and BC123A 120 VAC adapter. Can charge either BP206 or R3 with BP206. Discontinued
     BC-136A AC adapter wall charger. 120 VAC 6 VDC 500 mA. INFO Discontinued
     BC-153A-52 AC adapter wall charger. 110 VAC 6 VDC 1000 mA. Discontinued
    BC-153SA AC switching type adapter wall charger. 100-240 VAC 6 VDC 1000 mA. Discontinued
  BP206 BP-206 Lithium Ion battery 3.7 V 1650 mA. Discontinued
  CP18A CP-18A Cigarette lighter adapter with filter. Discontinued
    CS-R3 Windows 95/98 cloning software on two 3.5 inch disks (requires OPC-478). Not compatible with OPC-478U. Discontinued
   LC151 LC-151 Carrying case (radio not included). Discontinued
  OPC474 OPC-474 Receiver to receiver cloning cable. Not in stock
  OPC478 OPC-478 Serial clone cable (PC to radio) DB9. Discontinued
  OPC478U OPC-478U USB PC to R3 cloning cable with USB drivers 3.5 diskette. INFO Discontinued
    OPC-478UC USB PC to R3 cloning cable with Windows USB drivers CD. INFO Not in stock
  Sp13 SP-13 Black mono earphone 3.5 mm plug. Discontinued
  NatWire Nat Wire TV3C-433SMA Ultra-miniature color camera/amateur transmitter. 433.92 MHz
  Butel Software CE Butel ARC3 Sophisticated control software CD.

NOTE:   Effective 02/17/09 American TV stations converted to digital signals and changed frequency.
Radios that previously received TV broadcast signals can no longer tune TV.

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