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Icom IC-R10-05
Wideband Receiver


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Tune in the world where ever you go. The Icom IC-R10-05 has extremely wide coverage from 500 kHz to 1300 MHz (less 824-849 & 869-894 MHz cellular). Modes of reception include:  FM, WFM AM, (SSB) USB, LSB and CW. This radio performs. It is a triple conversion superheterodyne and utilizes newly designed, tunable bandpass filters for good image and intermodulation rejection. The internal speaker provided powerful clear audio. The R10 also features a real-time bandscope function making it easy to find busy frequencies and also easy to observe the receiving frequency band conditions. The passband width of the bandscope is selectable from the radio of ± 100 kHz (20 kHz channel spacing) and ± 25 kHz (5 kHz channel spacing). A capable 1000 channel memory system with 8-character alphanumeric channel names offers great convenience. Even the memory banks can be labeled with a 10 character name. Scan types include:  programmed, memory, bank, mode and more. The new SIGNAV Signal Navigation scan function is also featured. ICOM's special VSC Voice Scan Control stops only on voice signals. Other refinements include:  NB, NL, Attenuator and AFC.

The R10 is very computer friendly! You can clone, download or control (CT-17 is required for control) your R10 using optional Icom CSR10 software and OPC-478 PC Cloning Cable.

The R10 comes with four AA NiCad cells, a wall charger, belt clip, wrist strap and BNC flexible antenna. You may also operate this radio from four alkaline AA cells.

The R10-15-GOVT model is the same as above, but without the 824-849 / 869-894 MHz cellular gaps and could be purchased via government or communications provider qualifying purchase order or for export only.
The IC-R10 was reviewed in the September 2003 issue of QST magazine.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#3150 CP12L CP-12L Cigarette plug with filter   $  43.00   $  29.98 Order
#2483   CS R10 Allows you to transfer data from memories, etc., quickly and easily between IC-R10's as well as edit and store data via an IBM© compatible PC. (DOS).   $  13.00   $    6.98 Order
    CS WHHRX Windows 3.1/95/98/NT programming software and cable (DB9) for R2/R10 on 3.5 inch disk. Discontinued
  CT17 CT-17 For receiver remote control using an IBM-compatible personal computer. (Software required). Discontinued
  HP4 HP-4 Lightweight headphones with 39 inch cable to 3.5mm stereo plug. Discontinued
#0149 LC-140 LC-140 Carrying case.
(Radio shown not included).
#2731 OPC-254 OPC-254 DC power cable (fused).   $  15.00   $    9.98 Order
   OPC-254L OPC-254L DC power cable (fused). Discontinued
  OPC474 OPC-474 R-10 to R-10 cloning cable Not in stock
  OPC478 OPC-478 PC to R10 cloning cable Discontinued
  Sp13 SP-13 Black mono earphone 3.5 mm plug. Discontinued
  Icom Go-bag GO BAG V3 Deluxe insulated carry case to hold your radio and accessories. Discontinued
#2454 12BNSO 12BNSO Twelve inch RG58U coaxial jumper cable to safely
connect a PL259 type antenna to the BNC antenna jack.  VIEW
$5.98 $5.98 Order

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