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Surveillance Receiver


Surveillance Receiver


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These radios were
for government use
or export only.

Discontinued Wideband Receivers 

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AOR SR1050

The AOR SR1050A Surveillance System is designed to meet the needs of the surveillance professional. The heart of the system the AR5000A+3U high-performance wideband receiver covering 100 kHz to 3000 MHz. With accurate 1 Hz tuning, analog signal strength meter and a host of operator-selected features and options, its performance is highly respected by law enforcement, military and laboratory users. Teamed with the SDU5500 Spectrum Display Unit, the package is interactive and computer compatible. The included AS5000 automatic antenna switch works interactively with the AR5000A+3, providing automatic selection among four antennas for maximum receiver sensitivity.

The AOR SR1050AV Surveillance System version can be used as a vector analyzer, for use in monitoring digital communications. Data packets in PDC, PHS and GSM formats can be displayed and identified in binary. It is also possible to see HEX information at a point from which analysis can begin. PDC, PHS and GSM can be viewed from the pre-set mode. A manual mode is also available to change modulation modes and symbol rates. This can be useful in using other applications, such as analyzing modems. The display can depict eye diagram, vector trace, constellation, trellis diagram, hex dump and bin dump outputs.

Both systems are conveniently configured for 19 inch rack mounting. Please note that these systems operate strictly on 12 VDC.

The AOR SR1050A and SR1050AV models could be purchased for government or for export only. These radios are discontinued.

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