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Discontinued Wideband Receivers 
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AOR Optional Filters

The I.F. bandwidth determines how selective the receiver will be. However it is not simply the case of using the narrowest filter at all times. Different modes require different bandwidths. Too narrow a filter will produce unintelligible sound. The following filters are featured as standard (except the MF-500 500 Hz CW filter). With the Automode feature, filters are selected automatically based on the selected mode. However, any filter may be selected manually when Automode is disengaged. The range of supplied filters is very comprehensive in this receiver. The supplied stock filters will suit all normal requirements unless the user is going to seriously monitor Morse Code (or narrow shifted RTTY), in which case the MF500 CW filter is recommended.

Optional MF2.5 and MF6 Collins filter (shown above) are available as replacements for the stock filters if desired.

Filter Supplied? Mode Service
220 kHz Supplied FM VHF FM Broadcast
110 kHz Supplied FM TV Audio and FM Mono Broadcast
  30 kHz Supplied FM Wireless mics, Satellite FAX
  15 kHz Supplied FM Amateur Band [FM 6 kHz may also be used].
    6 kHz Supplied AM LW, AM, SW broadcasts and VHF/UHF Aero
    3 kHz Supplied USB/LSB SW amateur, utility stations
    3 kHz Supplied CW Morse code [wide]
500 Hz Optional CW Morse code [narrow]. (Recommended)

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