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Coherent Wideband
Receiver 10 kHz-2.6 GHz


Replaced by
the AR5000AC

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Discontinued Wideband Receivers 
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AOR AR5000

When making critical measurements, the frequency coherence is very important whether a single or multiple unit is employed. Just like optical telescopes, the output from several receivers may be ADDED together to provide greater performance, however their frequencies must be absolutely coherent. This involves the use of a single reference for all oscillators employed though out the receivers. Specifically, the AR5000C external 10 MHz oscillator synchronizes with the following:
1. The 1st local
2. The PLL reference and NCO clock oscillator of the 2nd local
3. Sub Carrier
4. The 3rd local (10.245 MHz)

Several receivers may then be connected to a single external frequency standard safe in the knowledge that the their outputs will be coherent. The AOR AR5000C provides this commercially required capability. Please note that the "+3" features are not implemented in this version.

The AR5000C was only a available in a full-coverage 10 kHz to 2.6 GHz version, thus it was restricted to government or export customers only.

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